The Red Queen/Mother Superior

She does it for the kids.


The party encountered this strikingly tall (6’2") masked woman as she accompanied Melchiore Nicostrato, a Corvono Guidice Senza-Sansione who confronted a group of brusque Loessian outriders searching Montepagano for a child reputed to be a noble heir.

After the group had been routed by Nicostrato, the Red Queen gave chase on his command, eventually catching up to the group and, with one swift movement, eviscerating two of the three horses belonging to the group apparently using her bare hands. She then sent the third rider on the road out of the city with great haste before calmly walking back toward the plaza where the incident had begun.

After speaking with Melchiore and the Red Queen at several additional junctures, the party was hired to lead Ebregoi pirate Qasim Abu-Bakr to Management and, by extension, Erich Schreiner. The Red Queen accompanied them on their nautical voyage to accomplish this mission, which ended in the attempted capture of Alsahiir and the subsequent revelation that the Red Queen is not human – she used supernatural strength to remove (and then devour) the arm of Lusus Alki.

It was observed during this battle that the Red Queen has no face beneath her mask (but has one tattooed on her blank head), and that her skintight clothing is actually a thick, durable hide that looks exactly like cloth.

A decade later, the Red Queen would be encountered by the party once again, though this time with a different appearance, using the name Mother Superior. As Mother Superior, she still possessed an unusually tall and lean body, and frighteningly effective hand-to-hand combat skill, but her overall appearance was that of a nightmarishly caricatured nun. She seemed to require the presence of children – sourced from a Aureigne orphanage – to maintain her presence on the Prime Material Plane.

Mother Superior was determined to see Nicostrato returned from the dead via supernatural means, and attempted to bargain for this outcome with the party. The deal went south.

The party is currently protected from detection by Mother Superior owing to magical rings provided by the devil father of Lolth.

The Red Queen/Mother Superior

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