Gladanvrana, The Provost

Dressed to the nines for tingling spines.


The Provost is a guise taken by the timelessly ancient devil Gladanvrana, one of the architects whose designs were used to create the Prime Material Plane. His access to the Plane was revoked many thousands of years ago when he was tricked by a crafty human tribal king who exploited the devil’s inability to break an oath. Centuries later, Gladanvrana would gain a toehold back towards the plane when he was able to trick that tribal king’s descendent into granting him access to a small pocket of the world – a pocket which would become the Schadenwaldt.

The deal that was struck was simple but binding: in exchange for Gladanvrana (under the guise of a wandering shaman) preventing the death of the king’s terminally ill daughter, he would be granted an estate in the kingdom and access to the castle – unbeknownst to the King, his daughter’s illness had been caused by agents of Gladanvrana himself, and the “cure” was simply to freeze the girl in time, locked inside a moment and trapped within an impenetrable crystal prison. The letter of the deal had been struck – the princess would not die, and Gladanvrana now owned an estate in the king’s land. This estate would become the doorway to the Akademion, and a tunnel between the Shadow Plane and the Prime Material. The kindgom, cursed forever to ruin and otherworldly corruption, would be lost to the forest over the centuries to come.

Gladanvrana, The Provost

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