Outcast tiefling rogue. Bad with words. Good with knives.


10/28/2014 Notes on My Character’s Backstory

Lolth is the middle child of a middle society family from Corvona. Her human mother, after a terrifying encounter with a grey skinned fiend of the underworld, bore a child with horrifying likeness to her fiendish attacker. Disgusted by the child, and afraid that she would be found out, her mother used her family connections to sell her into servitude to a local Assassin’s Guild. Not known for their patronage of rare races, the Guild paid dearly for her mother’s secrecy in the matter.

Reared in the shadows, Lolth was taught only how to be unseen, unheard, and unobtrusive. She came to both fear and hate the Guild to which she was indentured, and as such attempted escape often. She became familiar with the land of Corvona, trying many times to avoid capture. Many times she was not successful, but gained the pity and affection of an aging spy in the service of the Guild, always her captor. He honed her skills for evasion and stealth, taught her how to wield weapons, and gain entry to locked doors. He taught her how to listen, and see what others do not want seen. Out of loyalty to her mentor, she entered into the tests of the Guild, and was measured for her worth as a spy. Having passed the tests and gained the trust of Guild leadership, at the age of 45 (young for a Tiefling, who’s adulthood usually begins around age 50) she was sold into assignment to a wealthy noble family of the Corvona Region.

Her charge was the youngest child of the family, a treasured youth with high expectations for his future in the regions’ political movements and aspirations. The youth was initially distrustful of her appearance, and would evade her presence with natural skills of escape. Seeing congruency with her own youth, she took immediate measured affection for the child. They soon developed a bond of playful mischief, which grew into true friendship. Having bonded with the child, Lolth soon gained the trust of the family, and other peers of the realm close to them. Naturally distrustful of others herself, she remained quietly observant of the comings and goings of these political giants over her years of service. She remained close to her mentor in the Guild, making trips of patronage, as was required, to him and the Guild itself with regularity to keep her skills honed and her debts solvent. Curious of her background, her charge accompanied her on one such visit.

Upon return to the family steading, they found the entire household dead, obviously from a skilled attack. There were signs of struggle, but the attacker had removed their dead and cleaned up after themselves. She and the child rushed immediately to the palace to give the news of the attack and seek the guidance of one of the family’s trusted peers. She was attacked and drugged, the child taken from her and killed. Upon awakening, she found herself bound, and detained. She had been framed for the murder of the family and the child. She freed herself and retrieved her weapons. Having fought her way out of the palace and out of the city, she made immediately for the Guild. She found that news of her alleged betrayal had already reached the members of the Guild, her mentor had been killed for a traitor, having reared her and found responsible for her betrayal of her assignation. With no allies, and the only family she ever had fast on her heals for vengeance, she fled Corvona in disgrace.

Over the next few years, she lived in the shadows, evading her Guild family across many different countries. Assassins bonds run deep, but so do Assassins vengeance. She knew she would live the rest of her days hunted by her former colleagues, and friends. She took odd jobs in whatever cities she found herself in, and one day took a job for a member of a traveling caravan. He was an aging sword smith, and reminded her dearly of her mentor in the Guild. For months she took the odd jobs that he had in the city, and she began to track her movements with the movements of the caravan. Being an outsider, she found no home or welcome with the other members of the caravan, only with her dear sword smith patron. Taking pity on her in his old age, he petitioned the leadership of the caravan to find her a place in their family. After proving herself to Management over the course of a few tasks that required her particular skills, they granted her a place, so long as the sword smith took her as his charge and was responsible for her needs.

The years passed and her place among the caravan was secure, as long as the sword smith was her patron. She confided in him the entirety of her past, and found him sympathetic. As he aged, she felt her position slipping, and grieved for her loss when he passed. Out of loyalty to the sword smith, who was dear among the more influential members of the caravan, Management allowed her stay, as long as she promised to abide by their laws, and remain useful to their needs. She found her place by lending her skills to their more unusual tasks. Management soon became curious as to how she developed these skills, and how she found herself so close a friend to the sword smith. Learning that he had never betrayed her history to them, she realized that she would only have a place among them if her past remained a secret. She now maintains a tentative tolerance by Management, having proved herself to be necessarily secretive, but also able to keep secrets.

Whenever the caravan finds itself close to Corvona or the boarder countries, Lolth is aware of her hunters and their relentless efforts to locate her and exact their Guild vengeance. She remains close to the caravan on these trips, reluctant to contract jobs for Management that require her to enter the city. She is always distrustful of noble families, aware that the stories surrounding the betrayal of the Corvona noble family so many years ago are still fresh on the tongues of the surrounding regions. Until recently, this behavior has been credited to her eccentric, secretive nature. But as the years pass, Management becomes more and more suspicious of her past. It remains a secret, from Management and her adventure group alike. For now.


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