Caravan Carnivale

Episode Sixteen

Ocean's Six

Arriving in Fiumargo, the party’s ship was greeted by harbor patrol, who conducted a search of the vessel claiming to be screening for wanted criminals matching the party’s description – criminals held accountable for the destruction of the Loessian royal palace and the unknown status of the Duchess of Loesse. The descriptions given in the warrant were uncannily accurate, including names and physical characteristics, but the warrant was oddly issued by the Soramian embassy – not any Loessian agency. A handsome reward was attached to each listed member of the party – 2,000 gold pieces, dead or alive.

Using various forms of stealth and trickery, the party managed to evade the search of the ship and subsequently bribe the crew into letting them ashore without incident. Wanted posters were plastered heavily throughout the harbor, with magically-accurate depictions of each member of the group. A tenement shack was acquired on the cheap and Lusus set about fencing the party’s appropriated valuables.

Barabal and Lolth teamed up to infiltrate the local convent where Lolth’s mother (now Sister Amalia Benevona) was reputed to be staying. After a few days of intrigue, Lolth was able to confront her mother – now in her late eighties and holding the office of Grand Abbess of the convent – and lay to rest the true story of her estranged childhood; rather than having been abandoned as was believed, Lolth (nee Gracia) had been sold off by her unaccepting grandparents, who framed the entire thing as a burglary abduction. Understanding the gravity of her knowledge of Lolth’s true name and feeling a great deal of relief at having learned her daughter to be alive and well, Sister Amalia offered to take poison in the name of keeping her secret safe. Lolth was left with no option but to agree.

Fo secured passage aboard a Tolian freighter headed eventually to Ebregos – a two-month journey with a stopover in Tolia. The first two weeks of the journey passed without incident, with Lusus hiring on as an unskilled but eager deckhand and Fo making connections with crew and passengers alike. One night during the second week, Fo swore he saw the sails of a ship on the horizon in a flash of lightning; he would spot the same vessel again several days later.

During a violent storm, two mysterious passengers seemed to have joined the population of the middle deck, dressed in Corvono clothing and keeping to themselves. Fo noticed them and investigated, reporting their suspicious arrival to the Captain. Sailors were sent to investigate, and were greeted by a four-hundred pound gorilla smashing his way into the passage between the passenger cabins. Fo magically alerted the rest of the party, who were passing time back at the Caravan by use of the magical door system.

Deftly making his way above decks (with the gorilla in hot pursuit), Fo used his magical skills and acrobatic prowess to trick his pursuer into sliding helplessly over (and through) the stern railing at the back of the aftcastle; the gorilla plunged into the rough water below.

Then a sniper guy! Then a beefy punching woman! Then the rest of the party arrived via the magical door system, encountering yet another foe below decks: a large heavily-armored figure swinging a dangerously heavy mace.

The fight raged on, with the party coordinating to eventually disable the armored figure (slowly discovered to be more machine than man), cripple then kill the sniper, confuse then kill the beefy punching woman, and scare off the gorilla, who had managed to rejoin the fight. And had also managed to learn how to talk, somewhere along his personal journey.

The gorilla sailed off aboard a smaller vessel that had pulled behind the ship, and the armored figure was opened up to reveal a small roguish gnome named Quoben, who had been piloting the bulky suit of armor the entire time. Quoben knew when he’d been beaten, and gladly revealed the names and natures of his fallen compatriots – a team of high-class bounty hunters who’d been tipped off to the price on the heads of the party.

Negotiating a cautious but peaceful arrangement to stay on the vessel until it reached Tolia, the party returned to the Caravan. Quoben was confined to a vardo where he revealed that the suit of mechanical armor he’d been using to hunt bounties was stolen from his uncle in Tolia, who had designed and built it.

The party resolved to spend a little time in Tolia before setting back out for Ebregos aboard a different ship.



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