The Provost

The Provost


No dearer treasure than knowledge;
Forbidden to man by his sire.
Come closer and render the ransom,
Make ready for all you desire.

Little is known about this mysterious entity first encountered at the jet-black pool deep within the Schadenwaldt. He was seen denying – and subsequently killing – a man who had brought the forest elm Lem to offer as sacrifice.

When he spoke, his face did not move, but the words formed in the minds of all he addressed. He wore a strange suit, and his feet hovered limp above the inky black water.

Later, in Westerbaden, an ancient book of legends and fairytales named him as “The Provost”, and associated him with the Akademion, the school where the devil teaches black magic to wicked men.

His influence has been felt or glimpsed in various locations during the party’s travels, and is uniformly unsettling – all the more so when he seems to take delight in the party’s successes.

The Provost

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