Nikolai "Kolya" Albescu


Advance scout for the Caravan Carnivale, Kolya Albescu was at the start of the tale an Aromasta man in his late twenties. He is a skilled tracker and survivalist, and prides himself on his ability to slip in and out of any community without being noticed.

Kolya is a charismatic and warm individual, often heard laughing loudly around whatever campfire or stewpot happens to be on offer at the caravan. His history is largely unknown, but he has a close relationship with Dmitri “Dima” Boliescu – an association that few can claim. Kolya will often go out of his way to ease tensions caused by Dima’s coarse affect, contributing greatly to the harmony of the caravan.

In Westerbaden, Kolya was seen to be reluctantly reporting information to Dima, uttering only the words “They are there.” After the ballroom attempt on Lolth’s life, Kolya spoke with Lindy outside the camp and confirmed that the ambush was no coincidence; he managed to steal the party’s possessions from their vardoes and hide them in the forest to be claimed the next day. The party attempted to persuade Kolya to leave with them, but he refused, claiming that – for reasons he could not discuss – he would not leave Dima alone with Management.

A decade later, Kolya had left the Caravan, incensed after the untimely demise of Dima at what he felt must have been foul play orchestrated by Management. He devoted his time to seeking out the origin and true nature of Management’s identity, leading him eventually to Aureigne and the mansion containing the body of Victus Belare.

Nikolai "Kolya" Albescu

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