The mysterious and unseen proprietor of the Caravan Carnivale, Management is never seen to leave his secure vardo. Of the more than one hundred members of the caravan, only Dmitri “Dima” Boliescu speaks with Management, and does so only away from prying eyes inside the secretive leader’s locked wagon.

Management’s vardo is accessed by means of a door covered in sturdy locks; only Dima is believed to carry the keys. After the rescue of young Erich Schreiner, Dima was seen to escort the boy inside the wagon – clandestine observation revealed an enormous interior that seemed to be a luxuriously appointed mansion; the boy has not been seen to leave the wagon since his entry.

Following the acquisition of Schreiner, Management’s wagon mysteriously disappeared from the Caravan. It was later observed that Dima possessed the power to summon and dismiss the vardo by means of a small square of cloth; the wagon had reappeared at Westerbaden, despite Dima’s insistence that the caravan would be making rendezvous with Management in Hannelflusse, hundreds of miles to the north.

In Westerbaden, Management apparently betrayed the party, notifying Corvono assassins of the location of Lolth; according to Kolya, the notification was meant to lead to the elimination of the entire party.

A decade later, the party would learn Management’s identity: Victol Bayar, a former student at the Akademion and resentful member of the Aromasta people. Further evidence would point to Bayar having taken the pseudonym of Victus Belare, under which he would become an influential socialite in the Oraleon city of Aureigne.

At some point after this part of Bayar’s story, he was cursed by angry classmates; apparently while at the Akademion, he took actions which led to the expulsion of himself and four others; these expelled students would conspire to confine him to a spiritual prison inside a wooden vardo; trapping him forever inside a symbol of his cultural shame.

He has indicated to the party that his goal is the interruption of the Akademion’s overarching work: to corrupt the Prime Material Plane with the darkness of the Plane of Shadow by putting the knowledge of dark magic into the hands of unscrupulous mortals.


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