Erich Schreiner


The orphaned son of Alder Schreiner, master carpenter and former foreman of the local builder’s hall and Marli Schreiner, who did not hold a trade. The Schreiner house collapsed magnificently and inexplicably in the middle of the night, with young Erich as the only survivor, discovered well clear of the debris in the road in front of the lot.

With no family in Silbertal, Erich was remanded to the local orphanage. Rumors began to circulate about his involvement in the house collapse, and whispers about a “devil child” made their way through town.

Several incidents at the orphanage – including one that apparently caused the total destruction of a bunkroom – led the unscrupulous overseer Otto Handeler to accept a payment from Soramian soldiers in exchange for custody of Erich; the party tailed the Soramian carriage and ultimately rescued Erich, though in so doing witnessed a planned ambush from Loessian troops.

After the rescue, Erich was escorted into Management’s vardo by Dmitri “Dima” Boliescu, and has not been seen since.

Sir Egg

Erich’s father fashioned him a wooden doll patterned after a medieval knight, made from leftover woodwork scraps discarded in the building of the central church in Silbertal. The body of the doll was formed from a rotund newel post in the shape of a turnip, with arms and legs attached with metal eyelets. While the materials and construction were crude, the piece was carved with intricate detail demonstrating Alder Schreiner’s master skill.

Erich named this doll Sir Egg, and spoke of him as though he was a living character; it was later witnessed that in times of emotional stress, Sir Egg seems to manifest to protect Erich, taking a form vaguely similar to the one imagined by the doll but large and powerful, clad in polished metal armor and wielding an impossible massive maul. Sir Egg was instrumental in winning the ambush battle against Soramian and Loessian troops, and has not been seen since.

Erich Schreiner

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