Dmitri "Dima" Boliescu

A gruff Aromasta man in his late fifties, Dima acts as majordomo for the Caravan Carnivale, relaying directives from Management and overseeing day-to-day operations. He rarely leaves the camp, and while he is never hard to find when he’s needed, he typically avoids the social gatherings that happen during caravan downtime.

Dima is generally unpleasant and authoritative, though he has demonstrated on several occasions an ability to treat skillfully and persuasively with various officials and members of established society. His background prior to the Caravan Carnivale is unknown, though he maintains an atypically close relationship with Nikolai “Kolya” Albescu.

During the flight from Silbertal to Boughshadow – a trip during which Management’s vardo went mysteriously missing – Dima was discovered to be carrying a small square of cloth which seemed to summon (and subsequently dismiss) Management from thin air. This discovery coincided with witnessing the aftermath of an apparently unpleasant conversation between the two.

In Westerbaden, Dima gave orders to the party to infiltrate a society function. This mission ultimately led to an ambush, in which Corvono assassins made a concerted attempt on the life of Lolth.

The party would later learn of Dima’s questionable death, potentially at the orders of Management.

Dmitri "Dima" Boliescu

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