A land of dense forests, majestic mountains, and ancient fey magics, Amstreiche is a sovereign duchy, having negotiated its independence from Loesse centuries ago. The current seat of power is in Hannelflusse, located on eastern shores of the Reisenteich, a massive inland freshwater sea.

Amstreiche exports lumber, furs, furniture and medicinal products of the forest. Within the nation, primarily human cities engage in light trade with the elven settlements of the Wulfsylphanse forest, though the activity is largely economically insignificant and the two populations remain mostly segregated.

Notable Settlements


Sitting on the delta where the Ketten river empties into the Reisenteich sea, Hannelflusse is a large city and trade port for merchants sailing small barges between Amstreiche, Loesse, Oraleon, and Pennhoa. The presence of the ducal palace has made for an above-average level of security and infrastructure development, and as a result Hannelflusse is an unusually safe, clean and expensive place to live and visit.


A resort city nestled in the southwestern foothills of the Kaltegradt mountains built astride a series of natural thermal mineral springs famed for their medicinal benefit. Westerbaden plays host to wealthy noble visitors from across the breadth of Astarta. Laborers and servants live in subsidized housing districts outside the main town, and enjoy a level of prosperity markedly more comfortable than their counterparts in other parts of the nation.


A large, bustling city found at the southeastern edge of the Wulfsylphanse. The city’s economy is provided by the forest, in the form of ample lumber and woodworks, and thus the population skews heavily towards those trades. Positions of power are generally held by the leaders of tradesmen’s guilds, and the ruling class is closer to the proletariat than in most cities of similar size.


A large Elven settlement in the southern Wulfsylphanse, with homes built in the traditional Elven style in and around the trunks of old-growth trees. Trade parties from Boughshadow will occasionally find their way to Silbertal, exchanging exquisite elven woodcrafts and forest edibles for liquor, glassware and metalcrafts. The road to Boughshadow is well-hidden by the forest, and typically one needs to be familiar with the road in order to successfully find it.


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