Prince Asad abn-Aldhib

Make Ebregos Great Again!


Nephew to Al’Asad Alhajar, prior Sultan of Ebregos, and husband to orphaned crown princess Zamarrid. In the public eye, Abn-Aldhib reluctantly stepped forward to accept the ceremonial hand of the orphan princess in marriage, thus taking on the burden of the crown after the assassination of his predecessor by a foreign-born seditionist. The story was told and retold in romantic fashion, celebrating tradition and nationalism – though the ensuing years of his reign would prove him to be a greedy, unscrupulous leader susceptible to bribery and flattery.

In truth, it was Abn-Aldhib who took the former Sultan’s life, taking advantage of the flamboyantly outspoken political diatribes of a scholar born of Boradovan poverty but raised from adolescence in Ebregoi noble surroundings. Through this frame job and the coercion of the young crown princess, Abn-Aldhib was able to take advantage of archaic Ebregoi succession practices in order to ascend to the highest office of the land.

Abn-Aldhib has kept Zamarrid sequestered in the distant Queen’s Palace since taking her hand in marriage; while she is kept in access to comforts and reasonable luxuries, she has grown up under lock and key and courtly society whispers rumors that she died long ago. Abn-Aldhib claims that this strict isolation is necessary to protect the princess from the vile foreigner, who escaped incarceration and is reviled in modern stories as a continuing threat to the beloved royal bloodline.

The Prince is a greedy man, and under his reign organized crime has seized the lower classes of Ebregoi society in exchange for healthy bribes that reach his office. The noble houses are not happy with the state of modern Ebregoi society, but few of his policies have negatively affected their family positions of wealth – and so no dramatic moves toward revolt have achieved momentum. Only the most principled of houses – those traditionally dedicated to social justice and preservation of culture – hold quiet conversations about prospects for a world past his reign – and even those don’t dare risk the wrath of the Prince’s royal guard or his underworld connections.

Prince Asad abn-Aldhib

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