Phaddeus Hexum Memor

Be good or be good at it.


Owner and sole proprietor of the P. H. Memor Manufactory and Laboratories, a sprawling complex of industrial workshops and scientific ateliers built on the repurposed grounds of a Tolian naval shipyard purchased by Memor himself.

Memor is known to be unsavory and greedy, and most gossips will agree that at least half of his inventions were originally someone else’s – though many of the same gossips will look nervously over their shoulder after voicing that agreement.

The party infiltrated Memor’s manufactory, discovering that his latest efforts were focused on the production of automated constructs ostensibly designed for domestic labor. They were buggy, and powered by as much magic as machinery.

After a rocky start, the party entered into terse negotiation with Memor, who eventually decided to attack the party using a heavily modified version of Nyburn Volnutt’s mechanical augmentation armor – only to have it explode upon activation, killing him instantly.


Phaddeus Hexum Memor

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