Nyburn Volnutt

Quoben's Mother's Brother


Brother of Quinsell Volnutt, mother of Quoben Qualls. Runs an engineering workshop in Torero, where he specializes in clockworks and delicate machinery. His current area of focus is mechanical logic, building intricate machines capable of rudimentary if-then decision making.

Development of his most promising logic engine is being funded by Ebregoi patrons, who are expecting delivery of a working prototype later this year; said prototype (built from very expensive pieces machined to exacting specification by local Dwarven tooling guilds) has been stolen by goons in the employ of P. H. Memor, who have undoubtedly carried it away to Memor’s factory compound in Acquardente. Nyburn can’t afford to start over from scratch – and he fears that Memor intends to deliver the goods to the Ebregoi investors under his own brand.


Nyburn Volnutt

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