Half of the Elven Emo Duo


Mev is the sister of Lem, who charged the party with rescuing her brother after the two of them had been ambushed while foraging in the woods. She accompanied the party to aid in the search, and survived when a raiding band of goblins sprung their attack.

Ultimately, Mev could not accompany the party into the Schadenwaldt owing to the dark wood’s power to corrupt the essence of fey creatures such as elves, and she returned to Boughshadow to await her brother’s return.

The party returned Lem physically unharmed, but his spirit had been corrupted by the Schadenwaldt; it was only through an ancient balancing ritual that Mev was able to siphon part of the corruption into her own essence, sharing the darkness with her brother and returning him to consciousness.

For carrying the mark of the dark forest, they were exiled from Boughshadow, and joined the Caravan Carnivale as traveling musicians. Lem is a virtuoso with the lute, lyre, and flute, and Mev is a talented singer in the traditional Elven style, which entrances all but the most hard-hearted human listeners.


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