Melchiore Nicostrato

Guidice Senza-Sansione, Fat Wooden Doll.


A detachment of the party witnessed this man in his mid-sixties, dressed in the robes of office of a Corvono Guidice Senza-Sansione and accompanied by an unusually tall masked woman, issuing stern guidance to a group of Loessian outriders who had been searching the streets of Montepagano for a young child rumored to be a missing noble heir from Loesse.

When the outriders indicated disregard for whatever they’d been told by Nicostrato, he struck the foot of his metal staff against the ground and one of the riders’ horses fell dead. The remainder of the group rode off, apparently in accordance with whatever the judge had told them.

Nicostrato motioned after the men, and his companion gave chase while he addressed the alarmed crowd that had gathered to watch.

Later, the party approached Nicostrato regarding their knowledge of Erich Schreiner (presumed to be the child everyone’s after), and was offered a contract to accompany a group of mercenaries hired to locate the child. Management was discussed, and it was quite evident that Nicostrato knows something about Management’s identity.

During the first few days at sea enroute to the continental nations, the party was seemingly betrayed by the pirate captain of the vessel; while Nicostrato’s involvement isn’t immediately apparent, his companion the Red Queen was not only present but complicit in the violent attack.

In an ensuing battle at Sea, Nicostrato was assassinated by Lolth. His remains were spirited away by the Red Queen, who would later contract with the party to install his soul into a intricate mechanical body. It’s a long story, but the party ended up putting him inside the dumpy Sir Egg doll instead. He’s currently locked up in one of the Caravan’s storage wagons.

Melchiore Nicostrato

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