"Mad" Morrig Mayfield

Snake Oil Baron


A recluse with a reputation for a violent temper and unreliable potioncraft, Morrig Mayfield kept a home a half-day’s hike from Silbertal, inside the Wulfsylphanse. While he had not been seen for nearly five years, prior to that point he was acknowledged by the populace of Silbertal as a general nuisance, peddling his potions in the streets and reacting badly when challenged by anyone as to their efficacy or value.

During his last reported visit to town, he had been accompanied by a hooded individual whose clothes identified him as Soramian – nobody has seen or heard from Mayfield since.

When the party discovered his house in the forest, it had been pulled underground, seemingly by the violent action of massive tree roots. The house was infested with the dead husks of bizarrely enormous insects, and was crumbling (though still navigably intact).

Mayfield was discovered to be hiding inside a magical painting kept in an upstairs study; upon removing the painting from the wall, the insects in the house reanimated, their shells filled with a glowing purple mist. After the party defeated the creatures by destroying a central, particularly large beetle, they attempted to remove the painting from the house, causing Mayfield to suddenly emerge – and the house to suddently collapse under new strain from the animated roots of the trees crushing it. Mayfield was confirmed killed by the falling debris.

The party would later learn that Mayfield was one of four conspirators responsible for the cursing of Victol Bayar – otherwise known as Management – and had been expelled from the Akademion following an incident involving Bayar’s conscience getting the better of him.

"Mad" Morrig Mayfield

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