Half of the Elven Emo Duo


Lem is the brother of Mev, and would have been the sacrifice of a stranger encountered at the dark pool in the Schadenwaldt had it not been for the timely interruption of the party. His trip into the dark wood had corrupted him (as happens to all elves who step inside the Schadenwaldt), and it was only through Mev’s willingness to perform an ancient balancing ritual that he was able to partially recover, sharing his corruption with his sister and allowing them both to carry the burden.

For carrying the mark of the dark forest, they were exiled from Boughshadow, and joined the Caravan Carnivale as traveling musicians. Lem is a virtuoso with the lute, lyre, and flute, and Mev is a talented singer in the traditional Elven style, which entrances all but the most hard-hearted human listeners.

When the party skipped forward a decade, they discovered Mev and Lem to still be traveling with the Caravan, apparently having not aged a day due to their elven immortality.


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