Isabeau de Rivage-Martel

Countess, scientist, blood aficionado.


The iron-willed head of state of Loesse, Isabeau de Rivage-Martel has indefinitely extended her status as Countess-Regent, foregoing the formal adoption of the title of Queen in order to avoid obligatory marriage by law of Court. It’s really quite the scandal – at least, it would be, if the court of Loesse was capable of entertaining scandal.

Instead, the court of Loesse is a notoriously stoic scene, housed in a hauntingly dreary and subdued capital city. The town guard operates like a well-oiled clock, and curfew starts at sundown – a curfew that very few people dare to violate.

Tales are whispered of screams and worse noises issuing from the lower levels of the royal palace, and of travelers disappearing from the roads surrounding the capital, never to be heard from again.

The Countess herself has remained breathtakingly beautiful and youthful – if constantly possessed of a dour expression and a humorless affect – though she has sat on the throne for twelve years, and though older citizens can remember that by her birth, she ought to be some sixty years in age.

The party confirmed during their encounters with her and her palace staff that she is, in fact, a vampire – but also an avid scientist, judging by the laboratory she’d built in the old castle dungeons and cisternum.

The party blowed up her castle real good, and her whereabouts in the present are unknown to both the party and the general public – leading to accusations of regicide for which the party is wanted.


Isabeau de Rivage-Martel

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