Crown Princess Zamarrid

The Girl in the Gilded Cage


Aged 27, the rightful (but uncrowned) Sultana of Ebregos who has been isolated at the Queen’s Palace since the age of seven.

Zamarrid’s sequester at the Palace has grown more constrained as she’s grown older; at age twelve she became confined to the Palace building itself, and since the age of sixteen she has been kept in the Queen’s Sanctum, a spacious but isolated apartment at the top of the Residential Tower.

In this apartment, Zamarrid has been provided with a carefully-chosen selection of books from the palace’s Library. When she was younger she was accustomed to the care and stewardship of doting servants; since her eighteenth birthday (and second escape attempt), she has known only the presence of armed guards. With this change in custodial staff has come a change in luxury as well; for more than ten years Zamarrid has traded exotic delicacies for roasted fowl, eating the same functional (though nutritious) fare as her guards.

Zamarrid is fully aware that she is a prisoner, though she has learned not to be vocal or plaintive of that fact – she now bides her time obediently, keeping her mind sharp and waiting for a plausible opportunity for escape. She has long given up on the possibility of rescue, having spent her entire adult life without any indication that her countrymen have any knowledge of her existence.


Crown Princess Zamarrid

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