Caravan Carnivale

Episode Thirteen

Entrepreneurship and the Clink

Fleeing from Aureigne under the threat of a presumably furious Mother Superior, the party met up with agents of the Caravan Carnivale in a country farmhouse half a day’s ride from the city.

Once there, a canvas-wrapped package was opened, revealing the same ornate doorframe the party emerged from in Bayar’s mansion after entering Management’s vardo. Stepping back through the unmounted door, the group emerged in the midst of the Caravan Carnivale – set up for business in the farmlands of southern Loesse.

Keeping his word on transfer of ownership on the Caravan to the party, Management began working on the wooden doll containing the spirit of Nicostrato. The party, meanwhile, began using their newfound status as caravan impresarios to curry favor with the notoriously untrusting rousties and performers. Food and drink were purchased and given out, and a dunk tank was built to humiliate Radu, Dima’s even more unpleasant successor.

After no success communicating with the spirit of Nicostrato, Management amended the deal: the Caravan Carnivale would become the sole purview of the party only after travelling north and orchestrating audience with the Countess of Loesse, Isabeau de Rivage-Martel.

Riding ahead of the Caravan and nearing Rivage-Martel (the capital city of Loesse) the party learned of a diplomatic envoy from Soramia currently visiting the Countess en masse. Disguised Soramian soldiers occupied the local tavern, and the party narrowly escaped conflict by sneaking out of a second-story window.

Hearing of the Soramian presence, Management became distressed. The party elected to ride ahead into the capital and make contact with the Countess as envoys, in the hopes of securing audience and sealing the deal for ownership of the Caravan.

Upon arrival, Fo, Lindy and Alsahiir presented themselves as noble couriers and gained access to the castle, where an inscrutable chamberlain kept them waiting for an extended period of time. Upon expressing displeasure, the party was escorted “to the Countess” – in truth, to the castle dungeons.

Putting up a fight, the three managed to hold their own versus six castle guards displaying unnerving traits not unlike vampirism – before the fight was stopped by the Countess herself, along with a contingent of additional guards.

Fo, Lindy, and Alsahiir were forcibly dragged to the dungeons, and locked inside cells that had been retrofit to be stronger and more securely sealed than any castle holding cells they’d seen before.




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